Thursday, June 26, 2008

Implementing Organic Growth Strategies at the Kellogg School

After running a very successful initial session in February, the Kellogg School decided to expand the program, scheduling one in January and December 2009. Although the web site has not been updated yet,

the following excerpt highlights the program:

Your business had a great growth strategy but it never got to market. Why? Implementing Organic Growth Strategies deals explicitly with the challenges and issues confronting any business trying to implement new business designs. Participants will be exposed to powerful, market tested implementation tools and methodologies that can be deployed immediately. The tools and methodologies presented in this program are based on a variety of world class growth practices and academic research that were tested and optimized over a 10 year period in real business situations. Therefore we know what the pitfalls are and we will show you how to overcome them.

The participants for this program should be any employee who is managing growth initiatives. We also strongly encourage teams attend to enhance the experience.

You can apply for the class at:

This site also defines the relationship between this class and our original Driving Organic Top Line Growth Strategies.

Organic Growth Program Series

The Kellogg School's two organic growth offerings - Driving Organic Top-Line Growth and Implementing Organic Growth Strategies - are built off the same methodologies and designed to be synergistic with but independent of each other. It does not matter in which order they are taken to gain the full benefit. When taken within 12 months of each other you are entitled to a 20% discount on the second program you attend. Our special registration code must be provided at the time of registration for the second program.

The next Driving Organic Growth Strategies will be given on December 1 to 4, 2008 at the Miami campus:

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