Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lincoln on Keeping Up With the Geeks
NYT, August 3, 2008

This excerpt of a Lincoln speech from 1859 was published in the NYT in an article totally irrelevant to this blog but I thought the message itself was quite reflective on innovation.

The great difference between Young America and Old Fogy is the result of Discoveries, Inventions and Improvements. These, in turn, are the result of observation, reflection and experiment. For instance, it is quite certain that ever since water has been boiled in covered vessels, men have seen the lids of the vessels rise and fall a little, with a sort of fluttering motion, by force of the steam; but so long as this was not specially observed, and reflected, and experimented upon, it came to nothing. At length, however, after many thousand years, some man observes this long-known effect of hot water lifting a pot-lid, and begins a train of reflection upon it. He says “Why, to be sure, the force that lifts the pot-lid will lift anything else, which is no heavier than the pot-lid. And, as man has much hard lifting to do, cannot this hot-water power be made to help him?” He has become a little excited on the subject, and he fancies he hears a voice answering “Try me.”

From “Discoveries, Inventions and Improvements,” a lecture from 1859

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