Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Selling Your Ideas

With all the work we do in planning and implementing our strategies, if you can’t sell your ideas either to your customers or internal organizations, more often than not you will be less than fully successful.

I have come across a new book called PowerPoint® Presentations That Sell published by McGraw Hill that is one of the best. The back cover describes the book as:

It’s time to rethink your approach to PowerPoint® presentations. Rather than oversee data-filled information sessions, you need to tell a compelling story that holds your audience’s attention while selling your ideas.

PowerPoint®Presentations That Sell helps business professionals efficiently structure presentations that address audience’s needs, while providing the necessary tools to create slide elements. With sample slides on every page (the book is written as a slide deck), this unique guide explains how to:
• Format and organize slides to emphasize your main points
• Select and create compelling charts using data
• Use shortcut techniques to create slides faster
• Create a memorable, focused conclusion

Ending with a case study displaying each presentation tip in action, PowerPoint® Presentations That Sell replaces the same old features and benefits with actionable recommendations in a dynamic package guaranteed to get results."

When I reviewed the book with the author, I changed almost all my PowerPoint® slides and I have been doing presentations and lectures almost as long as PowerPoint® has been a product.
For full disclosure, the author is Adam B. Cooper (a management consultant at a leading global consultancy), my son!

The book can be ordered from Amazon for $12.89:

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