Saturday, September 26, 2009

Managing Through Uncertainty. Mastering New Realities: ADVERTISEMENT
November 9 – 10, 2009
James L. Allen Center
Kellogg School of Management
Evanston, IL

I have been associated with the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) for the past 5 years and this is one of the best sessions to date. The KIN is a group of companies that meet 3 to 5 times a year to discuss timely topics facilitated by a Kellogg team. The topic -- Managing Through Uncertainty. Mastering New Realities.—is one that I feel is essential in our new marketplace. I highly recommend you attend if you can. Contact Rob Wolcott at if interested. Note, there is limited space so inquire soon if interested.

Here is a summary of the session (Program fees are $1850 per participant)

"The world has changed dramatically in the past year. What is different? What remains the same? Managing for the next quarter or year isn’t enough anymore, yet the rate of change has accelerated globally. How can we manage through this uncertainty? Leaders like Jeff Scott, MD at LexisNexis and former CTO of Thomson Financial; Thomas P.M. Barnett, New York Times bestselling author and globally-recognized geopolitical strategist; Dr. Jack Groppel, founder of the Human Performance Institute; Dr. George Basile, Executive Director of the Decision Theater at ASU; and Kellogg Professor Jim Shein, a nationally-recognized expert in corporate turnaround management, will all be part of a powerful and, shall I say, ‘innovative’ program.

Join us for an active dialogue to become some of the best prepared executives in the world. Our Dialogues are limited to an intimate group of innovation leaders from global companies, some of our KIN Senior Fellows and a few other surprise guests. We won’t just listen to keynoters and panelists, we’ll engage with them in collaborative sessions.

Program Content

Jeffrey Scott, MD at Lexis Nexis and former CTO of Thomson Financial, led Thomson Financial through a radical transformation over seven years, crossing the dotcom crash and 9/11 in the process. Thomson emerged alongside Bloomberg as the world’s top players in their industry. He’s leading a similar process at Lexis Nexis. We have much to learn from his experience navigating through adversity to achieve a long-term vision.

Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, Senior Managing Director of Enterra Solutions, LLC, and New York Times bestselling author of The Pentagon’s New Map and Great Powers: America and the World after Bush, is one of the most sought after advisors to government and military leaders worldwide. He has advised the US Department of Defense at the highest levels under both Republican and Democratic administrations. We will hear his vision for the most critical geopolitical issues in the world over the next few years… and challenge ourselves to understand what these developments mean for leading our businesses.

Prior to the past year, few executives have faced the kind of adversity we’ve seen in global markets, though some executives have managed through radical corporate turnarounds. Kellogg School Professor James Shein, globally-recognized expert in corporate turnarounds and leader of the Kellogg School’s annual turnaround conference, will lead a panel of executives who have taken companies on the brink and brought them back to growth and profitability.

Dr. George Basile, Executive Director of the Decision Theater, Arizona State University, leads one of the most innovative programs dedicated to making decisions under conditions of significant uncertainty and complexity. Dr. Basile will explore business focused sustainability challenges as an issue area to share his program’s unique processes. We’ll see how other companies and government organizations have addressed critical challenges in unique and powerful ways.

A pioneer in maximizing human performance through management of health and
stamina, Dr. Jack Groppel will share with us techniques he employs with organizations from P&G and PepsiCo to the Pentagon and even the Kellogg School of Management. Johnson & Johnson was so impressed, they bought Groppel’s Human Performance Institute in December, 2008, as a cornerstone of the company’s Wellness & Prevention platform.

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