Monday, November 23, 2009

This is worthwhile insight into creating the capability to develop demand:

"In our experience, here are the key components of a demand generation capability:

Process – Managers in demand generation activities do not respond very well to the step-by-step rigid process definitions that are more appropriate to other parts of the organization. They respond best to the combination of a framework organized by decision gates, managed by metrics and learnt through success models that clearly illustrate stories of what worked and did not.
Skills – The process is only as good as the people driving it. In driving demand generation decisions there are four key components that are important – consumer (customer) focus, channel focus, data foundation and creativity. Good demand generation case studies typically demonstrate superior application in all of these components.
Knowledge and experience – While experience is a function of time, it can be fast tracked by some form of shared learning on case studies. Some companies also use a carefully managed mentorship program that better leverages the knowledge and experience of its people.
Supporting Infrastructure – The role of the supporting infrastructure is to make the demand generation capability efficient, scalable and current. This can be achieved through technology, centers of excellence and other such enablers"

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