Monday, June 28, 2010

Bust the Silos
Hastings and Saperstein

One of the major barriers to growth that we have found is internal organizational barriers. Companies are not organized to meet customer needs but around functions, brands, major customers, etc. A great book titled “Bust the Silos” by Hastings and Saperstein offers insight how to break down these barriers for Demand Generation:

"We all now operate in a highly connected, rapidly evolving, customer-centric and
knowledge-driven environment. Yet, most of our current management practices,
organizational models and job functions are not effective in serving our
customers. Value is created through relationships with customers; this drives
loyalty. Companies need to adopt principles and practices that encourage their
diverse groups of employees to have a shared sense of purpose to engage in more
effective ways of working together to build customer intimacy and loyalty….

…Customers value relationships over efficiency, yet service and support
organizations are driven by efficiency. Furthermore, while customer service
and support systems are usually constructed around predictability (think about
FAQ), business problems, particularly with complex business-to-business products
and services, are more akin to chaos with natural patterns than predictable

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