Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding Stability at the Core of Change
 John Hagel

Although a bit more philosophical than our usual posting, his reflections are very interesting:

"Sources of stability
....if we truly understand what is required to succeed in an ever more rapidly changing world, we will at the same time discover sources of stability that will provide us with the firm grounding that we all, even the most jaded adrenaline junkies, need to thrive....
...Tacit knowledge. data proliferates, something else becomes more and more valuable and yet more difficult to access.  Tacit knowledge is the knowledge deeply embedded in each of us, our relationships and our unique contexts. 
...Trust-based relationships. ...At the time when we are consumed by short-term transactions, long-term, trust-based relationships acquire more and more importance....The best way to access tacit knowledge is in the context of trust-based relationships...
...Talent development...In a more rapidly changing world, our success and, in a very real sense, our survival, depends on our ability to learn faster and accelerate the development of our talent. ..

To get to the how, we need to find ways to access the tacit knowledge embedded in the people experiencing these changes. And, as we have seen, accessing tacit knowledge requires deep, trust-based relationships. This is exactly why tacit knowledge and trust-based relationships acquire increasing value as the pace of change accelerates – without them, we will never be able to develop the most valuable skills required to succeed and survive in a more rapidly changing world."


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