Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The Enterprise of the Future
IBM Global CEO study

Some fascinating insights from IBM’s extensive study of CEO from around the world. Read the full article

"Organizations are bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up: eight out of ten Ceos see significant change ahead, and yet the gap between expected change and the ability to manage it has almost tripled since our last Global Ceo Study in 2006.
Ceos view more demanding customers not as a threat, but as an opportunity to differentiate: Ceos are spending more to attract and retain increasingly prosperous, informed and socially aware customers.
Nearly all ceos are adapting their business models—two-thirds are implementing extensive innovations. More than 40 percent are changing their enterprise models to be more collaborative.
Ceos are moving aggressively toward global business designs, deeply changing capabilities and partnering more extensively: Ceos have moved beyond the cliché of globalization, and organizations of all sizes are reconfiguring to take advantage of global integration opportunities.
Financial outperformers are making bolder plays
. these companies anticipate more change, and manage it better. they are also more global in their business designs, partner more extensively and choose more disruptive forms of business model innovation"

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