Thursday, May 05, 2011

 The New Voice of the CIO

Insights from the Global Chief Information Officer Study, IBM

Interesting insights in the changing role of the CIO

"The study demonstrated that, especially among high-growth companies,
the role of the CIO is changing. Today’s chief information officers report
spending 55 percent of their time on activities that spur innovation.

These can include: contributing to the development of business strategy;
generating corporate enthusiasm for innovative IT-enabled business
service plans; implementing new technologies; mitigating enterprise risks;
leveraging automation to improve competitiveness and reduce the costs
of business operations; and managing nontechnological issues.

CIOs also position themselves to expect the unexpected. An overwhelming 90
percent of respondents to the CIO Study expect moderate to substantial
changes for IT in the next three years,brought on through pressures
exerted by business model changes, budget constraints, macroeconomic
factors and evolving industry and regional conditions.

Respondent input shows that the CIOs of high-growth PBT companies
strive to meet three overarching objectives. These are making innovation
real, increasing the return on investment of IT and expanding the business
impact of IT. To accomplish these goals, chief information officers often
fulfill three sets of roles. These roles are:
• Insightful Visionary and Able Pragmatist
• Savvy Value Creator and Relentless Cost Cutter
• Collaborative Business Leader and Inspiring IT Manager"

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