Monday, May 19, 2014

Becoming a Capable Company
Cesare Mainardi is the CEO of Strategy&

Very interesting insight…

"There’s always been a tension between two realities of business management today. On one hand, advantage is transient. On the other, corporate identity is slow to change. The capabilities that make companies truly great are slow to develop and can’t be built overnight. If they could, they wouldn't be worth very much because anyone could copy them.
Rita Gunther McGrath, associate professor of management at Columbia Business School, has documented that the factors that used to bring automatic success to companies over time—like scale or market position—are increasingly unreliable. And it’s getting worse with technological disruption, globalization, and regulatory shifts.
How do we resolve this tension? What should companies do?
Five things in particular stood out that made these companies capable and successful: 
1. These companies stay true to who they are….. They commit to an identity and play the strategy long game
2. They get out in front and shape what their customers want…..These companies don’t do that. They anticipate customer desires and create demand.
3. They translate their strategic intent into the everyday…..They build the capabilities that matter most and execute relentlessly and flawlessly.
4. They put their culture to work……These enterprises celebrate what is already great about their culture, leveraging their existing behaviors to make themselves more powerful and effective
5. Finally, they cut costs to grow stronger….They treat expenses as investments, doubling down on the capabilities that matter most in terms of bringing value to the market."

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