Monday, January 12, 2015

Build a change platform, not a change program-
  Part 2
It’s not you, it’s your company. Management Innovation eXchange founders Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini believe that continuous improvement requires the creation of change platforms, rather than change programs ordained and implemented from the top.
October 2014 | byGary Hamel and Michele Zanini

Here is what the authors suggest. I strongly urge you read the article for it gives very good illustrative examples.

The challenge is to tackle deep change for tough systemic issues in a way that avoids the pitfalls of traditional change programs (PREVIOUS BLOG). Put another way: how do you create platforms for sustained company-wide conversations that can amplify weak signals and support the complex problem solving needed to address core management challenges?.. 

We believe that three shifts in approach are necessary: 

From top-down to activist-out. Transformational change conventionally starts at the top because companies haven’t enabled it to start anywhere else. To make deep change proactive and pervasive, the responsibility for initiating change needs to be syndicated across the organization...
From sold to invited. Transformational change cannot be sustained without genuine commitment on the part of those who will be most affected. This commitment is best achieved by bidding out the change program’s “how” to everyone in the organization..
From managed to organic.What we need is constant experimentation—with new operating models, business models, and management models. Not freeze and refreeze, but “permanent slush.” This approach means placing less emphasis on building a powerful project-management office and more on building self-organizing communities that identify, experiment, and eventually scale new initiatives.  (PROCESSES LIKE MDG AFFORD THE STRUCTURE TO DO THIS)


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