Monday, October 03, 2016

Let’s talk about sales growth

High-growth companies have differentiated themselves in sales through analytics, big data, and a focus on the changing technology landscape

As an overview of the article that is in the form of an interview of the author of Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World’s Sales Leaders(John Wiley & Sons, May 2016)

Question in the interview:
Great, so growth is certainly a topic that’s getting a lot of attention, particularly with the economic climate being so challenging. But, Mitra, there are companies that are still able to grow, even within the constrained environment we are in today. What are they doing that the others aren’t?
  • First, they find growth before their competitors do. So they invest in identifying growth opportunities, whether through understanding trends or drilling into big data or finding pockets of growth in their existing markets. 
  • Second, they sell the way their customers want to buy. They use multiple channels to reach and serve customers of all different sizes and different markets. And they optimize and organize across direct, indirect, and digital channels very efficiently. 
  • Third, they soup up their sales engines, and especially, they invest in sales operations, pre-sales, and the alignment between marketing and technology to fire up and build their engines for growth.
  • Fourth, they focus on their people. This one goes without saying, that there’s a need to spend time training, coaching, and mentoring the front-line sales teams and to balance that between both the drive for near-term growth and building longer-term capabilities for the field.
  • And finally, they lead from the top: they invest in and gain commitment from the organization and are able to build the vision for their change and their plans from the executives and from the top down—but they also invest in change management and implement change from the ground up

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